Joel Brill

As a card carrying member of AARP, Joel Brill has pretty much seen it all, done it all and can’t remember most of it.  He shares the bits and pieces that he can remember about life, with side splitting results.  His unique blend of comedy comes out as he discusses the challenges of being a senior citizen, marriage, business, sex, kids and a host of other topics.

In 1974, he moved from the small town of East Hampton, New York to Los Angeles because it was a cool place to live.  He lives there now because it is a warm place to live.

During his career in ultra-high technology Joel gave the industry a great boost...he changed industries.  He has developed and lead training seminars in motivation, presentation skills, sales, marketing and management.  Now he runs a non-profit company.  “Oh, we’re not a charity; it’s just been three years since we’ve made a profit.”

He has written 100s of jokes for late night TV  (They haven’t used a single one).  We caught up with Joel for an interview where he told us he has been nominated for Emmy, an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award.  He told us this as he was walking into a Liars Anonymous meeting.  But seriously folks, he has performed at comedy venues throughout, including such majors as The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, Flappers and many more.

Here’s is what you can expect:

  • Same sex marriage – I don’t know what the big deal is, my wife and I have had the same sex for 40, long years. 
  • Charity – I perform at a lot of charity benefits.  There is one organization that I am really fond of and want to make you aware of it.  That is The Tempura House.  The Tempura House is a shelter, for lightly battered women.
  • Erectile dysfunction – Viagra is expensive.  With Medicare, it’s $25 a pill.  40 years of marriage and I’m still paying for sex.
  • Business – I’m semi-retired.  When someone my age tells you he’s semi-retired that means he owns a business and isn’t making any money.
  • I wanted my kids to experience the better things in life, so I put them up for adoption.