The Lovable Curmudgeon

 To me, making people laugh is like the

Hokey Pokey...

That's what it's all about!


Same sex marriage? I'm not a fan.  My wife and I have had the same sex for 40 long years.

My 90 year old mother dates a lot of different guys. I asked, where do you meet all of these guys?

Mom said, There's a web site for people my age,

The 99 Cent store went public at $21 per share. So much for brand integrity

One of the challenges of getting older is that words and expressions take on different meanings.  Like, friends with benefits.  To me that's a friend with Social Security and Medicare.

Joel Brill

My doctor told me to lower my sodium intake.  I take his advice with a greain of salt.  Do you know how hard it is to make a Margarita with Mrs. Dash?

I  developed an aversion to alcohol at a young age. I spent 9 months totally consumed in vodka…then my mother gave birth to me!